Enhanced anti-malware protection with cutting-edge real-time shields

Live heuristics and cloud-based scanning fully thwarts zero-day attacks

Fully secures your data against dangerous ransomware strains

Manage internet usage and access to apps with dedicated parental management controls

Protects you from phishing sites while surfing online

Secures both desktops (Windows and macOS) and mobiles (Android and iOS)


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Panda Dome Advanced

Panda Dome Advanced is a significant step up from Essential, with dedicated protection against both online and offline-based threats. Built by a team of experts with over 30 years of experience dealing with all kinds of malicious threats, and with a perfect detection score (as per the AV Comparatives Real World Protection Test) compared to other malicious applications, you’d be hard pressed to find a better, and more comprehensive antivirus utility, from the other major brands. If that interests you, let's dive right in and check what Panda Dome Advanced has to offer.

Secures You From Malware

When it comes to securing your computer against malicious threats, the functionality that Panda Dome Advanced brings to the table is unprecedented. The utility secures your PC using multiple live shields to ensure that no malicious attacks occur in real time. Detected abnormalities are cross-checked against a continuously updating database locally, where suspicious signatures are sent to the cloud for further scanning. Zero-day threats, however, pose another issue, but Panda Dome Advanced effectively mitigates that with heuristics to monitor unusual behavior and take preemptive action against such threats. In short, Panda Dome Advanced leaves nothing to chance.

Eye-catching Panda Dome Advanced user interface.

Dedicated Ransomware Protection

Most malicious applications are quite adept when it comes to dealing with spyware, trojans, and rootkits, but not so much with ransomware. With Panda Dome Advanced, however, you gain comprehensive protection against the most dangerous of ransomware threats in existence today. By actively monitoring your entire computer for attack patterns used by ransomware with the help of cutting-edge proprietary technology, the antivirus utility stops your sensitive data from being held to ransom. Panda Dome Advanced’s anti-ransomware capabilities are so good that it also blocks most unknown forms of ransomware as well. If you want dedicated ransomware protection, then this is it.

Online Security With Personal Firewall

Today, most if not all applications interact with the internet continuously. And this opens up a huge swathe of problems when it comes to sensitive data, since malicious applications can upload (or even download) just about anything. But that’s where Panda Dome Advanced’s Personal Firewall comes into the picture. When left to its own means, the firewall monitors all incoming and outgoing connections for unusual activity and blocks suspicious applications immediately — and it’s quite effective at doing that with minimal false flags. Alternatively, you can take matters into your own hands and manually configure exactly what permissions each and every application has when it comes to online connectivity.

Comprehensive USB Protection

USB-based threats still pose a significant risk in terms of security, which is why Panda Dome Advanced includes a dedicated USB Protection module to deal with such threats. Any USB device that you connect to your computer is automatically scanned for traditional threats or modern attack vectors. The module then disinfects the device automatically, after which you can start using it without issue. Most antivirus utilities treat USB devices just like any other internal drive, but Panda Dome Advanced gives a higher priority to external devices due to the myriad of threats that they usually pose.

Highly customizable firewall.

Online Surfing Protection

Regardless of how much security it is that an application provides, it’s also up to you to actively play your role in staying safe while surfing online without divulging sensitive information inadvertently. Thankfully, that’s also an area where Panda Dome Advanced gives you a hands up. With its Identity Protection module, you can surf, shop, and bank without having your personal information divulged by phishing sites. And furthermore, the antivirus utility also blocks sites that are known to contain malware, and even scans all file downloads for good measure.

Parental Controls

Have kids around the house? Then this should really help you out — parental management controls. By using them, you can effectively monitor as to what your children have been up to on their devices. You can then decide to restrict access to certain apps and websites, which is just phenomenal. When it comes to restricting access to websites, for example, you can either block specific sites, or just restrict them from accessing preset categories that can include gambling, hate speech, etc. And that can be done to each child individually using separate profiles for each without having to restrict everyone.

Supports Multiple Platforms

If you have a Mac or an Android smartphone around the house, then you don’t have to leave it unprotected or go hunting around for a platform-specific antivirus solution, since Panda Dome Advanced already supports those platforms. Just sign into your Panda Account, and you can easily download the proper version for all three supported platforms quite easily. Just goes to show how dedicated the development team behind Panda Dome Advanced really is. To spice things up, you can also down the free Panda VPN (albeit with limits) to any platform via your Panda Account, which also includes iOS.

Antivirus Protection You Really Need

Panda Dome Advanced really takes all forms of malware and ransomware to the task with cutting-edge technologies built from the ground up using decades of experience gleaned from fighting malware. Whether it’s the live shields that block threats in real-time, heuristics that thwart zero-day threats, or the dedicated web protection modules that preserve your privacy online, you really can find no fault with this phenomenal antivirus utility. Stop wondering and start protecting yourself with Panda Dome Advanced today.


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