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Real-times shields and live heuristics for total security against malware

Dedicated parental controls to manage internet and app usage

Complete security against phishing sites while surfing online with identity protection

Cutting-edge Password Manager for absolute protection for all your passwords

Boost device performance with built-in Cleanup Tool


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Panda Dome Complete

Panda Dome Complete is one of the most comprehensive of security suites around. It packs in multiple tools that not only keep you safe from malware, but also helps to a large degree in preserving your privacy. Whether you are looking to stay safe against zero-day threats, dangerous forms of malware, or sites that phish you for personal information, Panda Dome Complete lets you do just that and a whole lot more. If you interesting in this exciting package on offer by Panda Security, let’s dive in and check out the various benefits that it brings to the table.

Tons of privacy and security-oriented tools at your disposal.

Malware and Ransomware Protection

Panda Dome Complete features both the anti-malware and the anti-ransomware capabilities found in lower tier versions of Panda’s antivirus utilities. With the deployment of real-time protective shields, Panda Dome Complete thwarts real-time attacks that originate from online and offline sources. Constant definitions updates allow for the latest threats to be caught up immediately. However, the antivirus suite also transmits suspicious signatures to a rapidly growing cloud-based database without relying solely on offline definitions. And when it comes to zero-day threats, Panda Dome Complete makes use of cutting-edge heuristics as a means to detect abnormal signatures.

To deal with ransomware, Panda Dome Complete makes use of dedicated modules in addition to the normal real-time shields to completely detect known attack vectors. And unlike other anti-ransomware utilities that only detect known forms of ransomware, Panda Dome Complete also has the ability to detect previously unknown forms as well. If you are concerned about the security of sensitive data, then you definitely need to have dedicated ransomware-protection, and this phenomenal utility by Panda Security provides you with just that.

Firewall and Wi-Fi Protection

Aside from protecting you against malware and ransomware, Panda Dome Complete also places an immense emphasis on direct web-based attacks. It replaces the default Windows firewall with its own firewall, dubbed the Personal Firewall. With the ability to seamless monitor all forms of traffic related to applications installed on your computer, the Personal Firewall immediately takes precautionary action against any form of suspicious network activity. While Panda’s firewall is more than adept at operating on its own, you can also impose your own restrictions on certain applications should the occasion arise.

Online Surfing and Identity Protection

Panda Dome Complete also extends its protective reach when surfing the internet, which is nothing short of phenomenal considering the growing amounts of fake and malicious sites out there. For example, whenever you come across a site that’s out to phish you for personal information, you are actively warned about it before you begin divulging any sensitive information. And it also blocks websites known to carry malware, and even goes so far as to scan downloads well before they reach your computer for unparalleled protection. In short, Panda Dome Complete leaves nothing to chance.

Boost system performance and improve privacy with the PC Cleanup tool.

Parental Controls

The entire internet is turning into an exceedingly hazardous environment, which means that you need to control or block your child’s exposure to various forms of dangerous content present on it. Thankfully, you don’t have to go around hunting for a parental management utility since Panda Dome Complete is all that you need to either limit activity on social media or completely block harmful websites from access. A super-intuitive user interface lets you easily create multiple profiles for each kid, after which you can impose the required restrictions with minimum fuss.

Data Shield, Password Manager, and Cleanup Tool

Panda Dome Complete gives you access to three phenomenal complementary utilities (File Encryptor, Password Depot, and PC Cleanup) that are a blast when it comes to preserving your privacy and boosting system performance. With File Encryptor, the utility helps you contain applications that carry sensitive data from unauthorized access by securing the contents with state-of-the-art encryption protocols. Password Depot, on the other hand, works as a phenomenal replacement to unsafe browser-based password managers, and helps secure all passwords in a secure online vault. Finally, PC Cleanup is an absolutely phenomenal tool that helps you boost the overall performance of your PC by defragmenting disk drives and turning off unwanted startup items.

Support Multiple Platforms

When it comes to security and privacy, it’s pointless to stay protected on one device while leaving yourself exposed to attacks on another. And this is especially true due to the cross-platform web apps that you use on a daily basis. While most antivirus utilities support only Windows, Panda Dome Complete doesn’t leave you out in the cold. In fact, you can easily download and install the antivirus utility on your MacBook or Android smartphone for a completely protective experience.

An Absolute Must-Buy

Panda Dome Complete offers tremendous protection against all of the threats that are so omnipresent in today’s digital environment. It’s terrific in terms of detection rates (perfect score as per the AV Comparatives Real World Detection Test), thwarts ransomware, protects you from phishing attempts, and even doubles up as a parental management utility. And the three complementary tools that you get just serves to spice things up even more. If you are on the fence as to buying this awesome security suite, then it’s time to take the plunge and start getting yourself protected.


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