Dedicated protection against all forms of malware and ransomware

Supports all types of devices including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS

Control all device activity with dedicated parental controls

Data Shield, Password Depot, and PC Cleanup for added security and privacy

Enhanced privacy with free access to Panda Dome VPN Premium

Around-the-clock customer support for all technical and general queries


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Panda Dome Premium

When it comes to having the utmost protection for your PC, there’s none on the list other than Panda Dome Premium that fits the bill perfectly. With numerous features and functionalities that range from securing your PC against dangerous computer viruses and ransomware to preserving your privacy online, you would be hard pressed to find a better solution elsewhere. If you are concerned about malicious attacks and the safety of sensitive data, let’s check what Panda Dome Premium actually does to mitigate these issues.

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Dedicated Antivirus Protection

As one of the premier antivirus suites out there, it’s no surprise that Panda Dome Premium is loaded with dedicated antivirus protection functionalities. And not just that, but the antivirus tools present are also some of the best in business, with the AV Comparatives Real World Protection Test handing out a perfect score in terms of detection rates. With multiple live shields monitoring the system at all times for malicious attacks thanks to cutting-edge heuristics that features the ability to detect attack patterns well in advance, you can be pretty confident in the knowledge that you are safe from all the spyware, rootkits, and trojans out there to get you.

Ransomware Protection

One of the most prevalent threats today, a ransomware attack is definitely not something that you want to encounter — ever. Not only do you lose access to sensitive data, but you also have to end up spending significant amounts of money just to get the decryption key from the attacker. And that’s why investing in Panda Dome Premium is more than worth it, since it’s just peanuts compared to the potential financial losses that you can sustain after a ransomware attack. The security suite, upon installation, immediately starts to secure your PC against potential ransomware attacks with proprietary protection modules built just for that purpose.

Dealing With Online Threats

When it comes to dealing with direct online malicious attacks, Panda Dome Premium’s dedicated Personal Firewall is just what you need. It replaces the default Windows Firewall, and uses much better algorithms to detect incoming and outgoing network traffic for malicious signatures. Any suspicious activity will then be blocked, and related processes quarantined until you specifically decide what to do with them. You can also impose your own restrictions on any application installed on your computer, and the intuitive controls make performing any configurations to the Personal Firewall a breeze.

Anti-Phishing Protection

Despite the Personal Firewall protecting you from direct online-based threats, you need separate protection when actively surfing the web. And thankfully, Panda Dome Premium doesn’t fail to deliver. Whenever you visit a site masquerading itself as another, you are immediately notified of it before you have the chance to divulge any sensitive information. This works a treat when it comes to staying safe while shopping or banking. Further, Panda Dome Premium also protects you from sites that host malware by blocking them directly. And when initiating downloads from a site, Panda Dome Premium will automatically scan them for you as well.

Encrypt sensitive files and folders with Data Shield.

Parental Controls

The cyberspace is a dangerous place for children, and Panda Dome Premium doesn’t fail to help you out in that department with a dedicated set of in-depth parental management controls. It’s as simple as creating separate profiles for each child, and then going about blocking websites or adding time limits either directly or using the preset categories provided. Not just that, but you can also monitor exactly what websites that each child has engaged in over any time period so that you can have a better idea of what you need to block or limit in the future.

Enhanced Privacy Tools

Panda Dome Premium also brings a number of privacy-oriented tools to the table. For example, you can use File Encryptor whenever you want to protect an application and related data from malicious attacks, which it accomplishes with the use of industry-grade encryption. The you’ve got the Password Depot, which despite its rather generic name is a terrific tool to both protect and store passwords securely across devices and platforms. And then you have PC Cleanup, which not only helps you preserve your privacy by clearing out redundant browsing data, but also helps you boost system performance by blocking unwanted startup apps, defragmenting drives, etc.

Unlimited VPN Support

If all of what you get isn’t enough, Panda Dome Premium also gives you unrestricted access to VPN Premium, a dedicated VPN solution by Panda that otherwise would cost a significant amount just for the standalone version. With it, not only can you preserve your privacy while surfing online, but you also gain access to all forms of geo-restricted content that you come across on the internet. And you can also use it on any platform (Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS), which means unrestricted access no matter what device that you are on.

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Panda Dome Premium is an absolute beast of a security suite, and as you saw above, the amount of features and tools present within is astounding. If you want comprehensive protection for all devices regardless of platform, complete with numerous privacy management tools to further enhance your experience, then you definitely need to get Panda Dome Premium today. And free unlimited VPN support is too hard of a deal to pass.


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