Real-time shields and firewall thwarts both online and offline-based threats

Dedicated ransomware protection for absolute security

Secures Wi-Fi networks from hackers and snoopers

Parental controls lets you manage both internet and app usage

Data Shield encrypts sensitive and confidential data

Password Manager secures all passwords within a secure online vault


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Panda Dome Complete

Panda Dome Complete is falls into the advanced tier of Panda Security’s range of antivirus software applications, and goes well and truly beyond over what you get with the Essential and Advanced solutions. Not only do you gain access to comprehensive anti-malware and ransomware security, but it also comes with a range of complimentary security tools (Data Shield, Password Manager, and Cleanup Tool) that actively serves to make your entire experience both online and offline even more secure. Let’s dive in and check out this fantastic product by Panda Security in more detail.

The Panda Dome Complete Firewall is highly customizable.

Absolute Security

Panda Dome Complete carries forward all features already present within the Essential and Advanced versions of this renowned security solution. Which means that you gain absolute protection against all strains of anti-malware, be it spyware, rootkits, or trojans. The antivirus solution makes use of various live shields and heuristics to monitor what goes on in your PC at all times. And by matching malicious signatures with both a local and cloud-based antivirus definitions database, it lets nothing slip through. In fact, Panda scored a perfect 100% in the AV Comparatives Real World Protection Test, which is nothing short of phenomenal.

When it comes to manually scanning your PC for malware, Panda Dome Complete offers you multiple options. The blazing-fast Critical Areas scan mode makes short work of any malware residing in system critical areas, while the Full Scan and Custom Scan modes let you scan your entire PC or just select areas respectively. With a consistent stream of regular definitions updates, you can be rest assured that no computer viruses remain hidden after a manual scanning spree. The utility also lets you schedule scans, which makes life a whole lot easier. Just set your Critical Areas, Full Scan, or Custom Scan to recur, and you won’t have to manually scan your PC ever again.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware has been gaining notoriety steadily over the past few years, and has now become an even a greater threat than rootkits or trojans. Getting your valuable data encrypted, and then been taken for ransom in exchange for a decryption key is not a pleasant experience. But not if you’ve got Panda Dome Complete installed on your PC. In addition to the standard live shields and heuristics, you also have access to a dedicated ransomware shield that monitors your PC for abnormal patterns specifically related to potential ransomware activity. Not only is it efficient at blocking known strains of ransomware, but it’s also quite adept at thwarting previously unknown forms of ransomware.

Extended Protection

Panda Dome Complete doesn’t just protect your computer from antivirus and ransomware attacks after your PC is infected — it actually tries its best to ensure that you prevent coming into contact with malware in the first place. It accomplishes this via the integrated Wi-Fi Protection module that actively notifies you of the overall security of any connected Wi-Fi network, which works wonders when you are on the move. The USB Protection functionality actively checks and thwarts viruses from infecting devices via USB. And last but not least, the Safe Browsing module stops you from accessing sites known to be infected with malware in the first place, and even goes so far as to notify you of active phishing attempts.

Panda Dome Complete also doubles up as a parental management tool.

Complimentary Software

Panda Dome Complete also brings to the table three dedicated complimentary software solutions that should prove massively useful for just about anyone. The tools, which comprises of Data Shield, Password Manager, and Cleanup Tool, are quite phenomenal at what they do. Data Shield automatically monitors sensitive applications and actively safeguards any personal data from being stolen — cached data in web browsers, for example. Password Manager, on the other hand, serves as a secure vault for all of your passwords, complete with autofill capabilities for browsers and applications. And Cleanup Tool works best whenever you need to boost the performance of your PC — it lets you immediately free up hard drive space, perform comprehensive disk defragmentations, and disable unwanted startup processes.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Panda Dome Complete isn’t just limited to Windows. In fact, it also works on macOS, Android, and iOS. Designed from the ground up for all platforms, this cross-platform compatibility actively ensures that all of your devices are completely protected. Unlike other anti-malware utilities that are largely relegated to just Windows, Panda Dome Complete’s support for multiple platforms should be a huge convenience for almost anyone. Your Panda Account, which serves as a one-stop portal for your subscriptions, let you easily install Panda Dome Complete onto any device or platform of your choice.

Go Get It

Panda Dome Complete is one of the most comprehensive anti-malware utilities out there, and falls only second to the more proactive Panda Dome Premium. With the uncanny ability to detect all forms of computer viruses and ransomware strains, not to mention providing loads of additional security features that range from Wi-Fi Protection to Smart Browsing, you would be hard-pressed to find a better anti-malware solution elsewhere. And the complimentary software and cross-platform compatibility support is just icing on the cake. If you were on the fence as to purchasing Panda Dome Complete all along, then don’t be anymore. Go get it now.