Panda Dome Essential vs. Advanced: Which Antivirus Should You Buy

When it comes to protection, Panda Security offers two exciting anti-malware utilities that you can use to safeguard your devices from malicious threats — Panda Dome Essential and Panda Dome Advanced. While the names give a clue as to what’s the better antivirus product (hint: Advanced) out of the two, it’s best to know how exactly both of them differ before you start shelling out your hard earned cash. So without any further ado, let’s take a deep dive and do exactly that. Hopefully, you’ll have a better idea of what you really need once you finish reading through this post.

General Protection

When it comes to protection in general, there’s really nothing different between both Panda Dome Essential and Advanced since the utilities utilize the same anti-malware technologies to power the live shields and heuristics in place. And you are in good hands no matter what you use — a perfect score at the AV Comparatives Real-World Protection Test is proof of that. Both antivirus applications fully protects you against dangerous forms of spyware, trojans, and rootkits, and even goes so far as to thwart zero-day threats, which is possible due to the various machine learning heuristics in place.

Personal Firewall

Another critical feature that both applications use — and which is basically the same across both — is the Personal Firewall, a dedicated firewall that uses smart algorithms to monitor network activity. Since most applications are connected to the internet around-the-clock, that poses a huge threat security-wise, but with the Personal Firewall running in the background at all times, you can be rest assured that no suspicious programs can upload sensitive information or download additional malware without being flagged. Panda’s firewall is also highly customizable, and it’s terribly easy to create your own rules for applications.

Safety From Ransomware

When it comes to comprehensive ransomware protection, this is where the seams really start to split between both applications. Panda Dome Essential features no protection against this exponentially increasing threat, which is quite disappointing and hugely concerning. Panda Dome Advanced, however, implements full-on ransomware protection, with dedicated live shields and heuristics designed solely to thwart both known and unknown forms of ransomware. If you have sensitive data on your devices that you want to keep secured against ransomware, then using Panda Dome Advanced is the wiser choice.

Wi-Fi Network and USB Protection

Ransomware aside, both Panda Dome Essential and Advanced finds common ground when it comes to closing common security loopholes with the use of the Wi-Fi Protection and USB Protection security modules. When you connect to Wi-Fi, for example, you can always count on the Wi-Fi Protection module to provide you with a detailed report in regards to the connection, such as the encryption in place, along with a security grading — this should help you avoid lots of risky Wi-Fi hotspots. And when it comes to playing around with USB devices, the USB Protection module kicks in and detects and disinfects threats automatically.

Parental Controls

The entire internet has becomes a hazardous place for children, and it’s in your best interest to protect your kids from being susceptible to dangerous forms of content. And in that department, Panda Dome Advanced further distinguishes itself from its counterparts by providing a host of parental management controls. Not only can you monitor the various activities of your children no matter what device that they use, but you can also control app usage and restrict unwanted sites quite easily. If you don’t want to end up dishing cash for a separate parental control application, then Panda Dome Advanced is a great alternative.

Safe Browsing

Not only is the internet dangerous for kids, but adults themselves will have a hard time trying to navigate the vast cyberspace without coming into contact with a fake site trying to steal user information. Again, Panda Dome Advanced gets one up over Panda Dome Essential with comprehensive protective while surfing online. It automatically detects and notifies you well in advance of any fake sites that you stumble upon. This way, you can stop your personal data from falling victim to malicious phishing sites that masquerade themselves as legitimate shopping or banking portals.

Advanced is the Best

When it comes to comprehensive protection, Panda Dome Advanced beats Panda Dome Essential to the punch with its dedicated support against ransomware threats. While the latter is more than adept at keeping you protected against the majority of threats out there, anti-ransomware capabilities are something that you really need in this day and age, and it’s Panda Dome Advanced that delivers. Furthermore, you also get extra value for your money with the presence of dedicated parental controls and safe browsing features. At the end, no matter what angle that you look at from, the obvious choice is Panda Dome Advanced.