Surf the entire internet with the utmost privacy

Access geo-restricted content with the click of a button

Dozens of servers and locations to easily connect to

Supports up to five devices simultaneously 

Unlimited VPN bandwidth lets you stream as many videos as you want

Unrestricted access to around-the-clock technical support


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Panda Dome VPN Premium

Worried about websites tracking your browsing activity? Irked by government censorships or geo-restricted content? Scared about using public Wi-Fi connections? Well, those are rightful concerns. While the solution is to use a VPN, or virtual private network, its easier said than done. Most VPNs are dreadful in terms of performance, and you really don’t know if your data is secured or not. And that’s why opting for a VPN solution from a leading anti-malware brand is so important, which is what Panda Dome VPN Premium exactly is. With an unprecedented focus towards privacy, it ticks all the right boxes. Let’s take a moment to see what’s on offer.

Dozens of locations to select from.

Complete Privacy

A VPN is supposed to offer complete privacy, and Panda Dome VPN Premium does just that. With dozens of servers around the world, you can easily emulate any country or location to immediately throw off web trackers. Your very own IP address isn’t put out for the world to see either. Instead, any site that you visit will only see the the IP address of the server that you’ve connected to. Unlike using the Incognito or Private modes in a web browser in the hope of preserving your anonymity, Panda Dome VPN Premium works the best in that regard since it completely cloaks your identity. In short, not even your ISP will be able to track you.

Access Restricted Content

Not all forms of online content are accessible in certain regions or countries. Perhaps it’s due to government censorship, or perhaps it’s due to websites imposing restrictions on what visitors can or cannot have access to (mainly due to licensing issues). With Panda Dome VPN Premium, however, none of that matters. Just connect to a server of a region where you want to access content from, and you are pretty much done. Whether you are looking to stream the U.S. Super Bowl or want to subscribe to a region-specific service (Spotify, for example) from a country with geo-restricted or censored content, Panda Dome VPN Premium helps you do just that.

Enhanced Security

By deploying some of the strongest and most secure VPN protocols (L2TP and PPTP) in the industry, this phenomenal VPN solution by Panda ensures that nothing is left to chance. All connections to and from a server is fully encrypted, which means that no one should be able to intercept your data during transmission. This especially works a treat in public Wi-Fi hotspots, where connections are otherwise left unencrypted and susceptible to hacking. It’s also best for instances where you are concerned about hackers, snoopers, or malicious spyware programs monitoring your browsing activity.

How It Works

Often, using a VPN solution reeks of inconvenience. You have to manually modify network settings, perform various configurations, as well as carry out a host of other annoying tasks just to establish a decent connection. But not with Panda Dome VPN Premium. The setup process is so simple that all it takes is just a second to establish a connection. Pick your server, click Connect, and away you go. Alternatively, you can just click Connect and let Panda Dome VPN Premium itself determine and connect to the fastest server closest to you automatically.

Connected and ready to go.

Supported Devices

Panda Dome VPN Premium isn’t just limited to Windows desktops — you can also grab it on macOS. And furthermore, you can set it up on your Android or iOS mobile device as well, which is just fantastic for when you are on the move. But here’s where things get interesting. You don’t have to purchase Panda Dome VPN Premium for all of your devices separately. In fact, a single subscription lets you use the VPN solution on up to five devices, which means that you can use the VPN on multiple devices regardless of platform at any one time.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Panda also has a free VPN solution, which is a fantastic little product in its own right. But using it has a huge drawback — a drastically low data cap, which stands at a paltry 150MB per month. However, that’s not the case with Panda Dome VPN Premium, where you have no limitations whatsoever. You can surf all you want, stream tons of multimedia content, without any issues at all. Still, consider using the free VPN to test the waters — it works the same as its premium counterpart, and is great if you want to see the VPN service in action.

Premium Technical Support

Using Panda Dome VPN Premium is a large exercise in convenience most of the time, but often, issues do tend to crop up. And that’s why you need customer support. Most VPN providers are pretty poor at the level of customer support that they provide, but not with Panda Dome VPN Premium. In fact, you gain access to dedicated around-the-clock customer support that will readily answer and sort out any issue or query at any time of the day.

Phenomenal VPN Solution

Panda Dome VPN Premium is a fantastic VPN solution, and one of the best out there. Built by a development team renowned for their decades of expertise in the antimalware industry, you can be rest assured that your data is fully safe. Being able to access nearly any type of content while surfing online, and doing that no matter what device that you are on speaks volumes about how finely crafted this VPN solution is actually is. If you are on the fence, it’s time to take the plunge and start using Panda Dome VPN Premium for complete freedom on the internet.