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Our Usage of Cookies

As a means to facilitate convenience for all of our visitors, may, at times, collect certain forms of information. For example, visits to the site may be monitored with the aid of various techniques such as IP addresses, browser fingerprinting, and device information. Any resources consumed or activities perform within the site during visits may also be used as a medium for identification.

As a means to aid affiliate sales, may use cleverbridge AG cookies. We advise that you check the cleverbridge AG privacy policy for more details in regards to the policies of this payment platform. Further, we may also use affiliate cookies from cleverbridge AG to facilitate checkout sessions as well as to monitor redirects and/or visits from other vendor sites. In addition, may use Histats cookies as a means to garner traffic statistics. For more information, please take a look at the privacy policy at Histats.

Regarding Cookie Functionality

Usually, cookies are downloaded locally as a means to facilitate web browsers to function properly on our website (as is the case with most websites in general), as well as to aid yourself in monitoring your activity (remembering products that you chose to buy in subsequent sessions, for example). Since we receive commissions whenever you are redirected to and purchase products from other merchant sites through affiliate link, cookies help us track that activity as well.

However, we don’t use cookies as a means to gather personal data, and neither do we share any information acquired with third-parties.

Regarding Cookie Management

Mostly, cookies allow for enhanced functionality within web browsers. And for that reason alone, most web browsers accept cookies on all websites that you visit by default. Usually, this happens automatically, but certain regions may still require sites to prompt you for permission before deploying cookies locally. You can, however, change this default configuration by modifying the settings within your browser.

Alternatively, you can also choose to completely block all cookie functionality. Below, you can find links pertaining to several major web browsers, all of which offer detailed information and other specifics in regards to cookie management. Please note that disabling cookie functionality will apply to all websites in general, and not just to

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Further, you can also find additional details in regards to cookie functionality, as well as the pros and cons associated with enabling or disabling cookies, within directories such as and

Changes to Our Policies

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