Antivirus utility with extended protection against ransomware

Secures online-based attacks with highly customizable firewall

Closes security loopholes with Wi-Fi Protection and USB Protection functionality

Lets you manage internet access and app usage with parental controls

Identity protection for a safe shopping and banking experience

Blocks sites that contain malware for absolute protection online


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Panda Dome Advanced

When it comes to staying safe against online and offline-based threats, there’s nothing better than Panda Dome Advanced to do the job quickly and efficiently. Not only does it keep you safe from spyware, trojans, or rootkits, but it also extends it protective shields to secure you from dangerous ransomware attacks. Not to mention the dedicated personal firewall and identity protection features that you can make use of to say safe at all times as well. If that piqued your interest, it’s time to check out what this fantastic anti-malware utility has to offer.

The Panda Dome Advanced user interface denotes everything at a glance.

Antivirus Protection

Panda Dome Advanced deftly handles antivirus threats with the use of dedicated live shields. By continuously monitoring each nook and cranny of the operating system for potential signs of trouble, this amazing anti-malware utility takes pre-emptive action against potential threats. And unlike other anti-malware utilities, Panda Dome Advanced also makes use of cloud-based scanning, which uses more up-to-date definitions for a more thorough anti-malware experience.

But rather than simply stopping at that, Panda Dome Advanced also uses heuristics to identify common attacks vectors used by malicious code, which helps to a large part in mitigating zero-day threats. And furthermore, you also gain access to multiple scanning modes — Critical Areas, Full Scan, and Custom Scan — that you can then use to manually go about scanning your computer by yourself.

Ransomware Protection

If there’s one major omission for most antivirus utilities, it’s the fact that you are fully secured from ransomware. One of the most dangerous forms of malicious threats out there, ransomware targets sensitive files of a system, and encrypts them to prevent you from accessing them — you then need to pay the ransomware creator a ransom in exchange for the decryption key, which often involves a substantial payment.

With Panda Dome Advanced, you can be rest assured that your data is safe from ransomware. With a dedicated ransomware module that runs in the background of your PC at all times, it prevents ransomware code from being initiated in the first place. And what makes things even better is the fact that the antivirus utility also has a better chance of catching previously unknown forms of ransomware, thus making it a terrific security tool all around.

Personal Firewall

When it comes to protecting you from online-based attacks, there’s nothing on the block that does it better than Panda Dome Advanced with its Personal Firewall. Nothing short of amazing, the Personal Firewall automatically scans all data transmissions into and out of your computer, and takes action on those that look suspicious. This is great in preventing shady apps from transmitting sensitive information outwards as well as thwarting malicious code from initiating an attack by downloading additional malware from the outside.

Wi-Fi Protection automatically notifies you of the security of a connection.

You can also take it upon yourself to manage the various networking permissions that applications have should you ever want to, and the intuitive customization controls present within Panda Dome Advanced makes doing that a breeze.

Identity Protection

While surfing the internet, your personal information is almost always at risk due to the huge number of fake sites that are out there to phish you for information. When you have Panda Dome Advanced installed on your computer, however, you are not only warned of sites that are out to steal your information, but it will also block sites that are known to carry malware. This is awesome when it comes to staying safe while shopping or banking. Furthermore, the antivirus utility also scans any downloads that you initiate before they reach your computer, hence providing you with the utmost online protection that you deserve.

Parental Controls

Concerned about the safety of your kids? That’s not surprising, considering the amount of threats that you children are exposed to on a day-to-day basis. Thankfully, you have Panda Dome Advanced to keep your kids safe. It’s as simple as blocking unwanted sites individually, or block certain categories of the internet such as social media. And the intuitive parental management controls at your disposal also helps you monitor the activities of your children so that you have a better idea as to what sorts of restrictions you want to impose the next time around.

WiFi & USB Protection

Panda Dome Advanced wraps up what you gain in terms of protection with two dedicated security modules — Wi-Fi Protection and USB Protection. Whenever you connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot, the Wi-Fi Protection module kicks in automatically, and checks your connection for threats. It then reports you its findings, and if you find the connection to be lax in terms of security, you can stop using it and skip out on compromising your data.

And for those instances where you use USB devices (flash drives, external hard drives, etc.), you have the USB Protection module to be thankful for. By automatically monitoring connected devices for threats, the module automatically quarantines and disinfects the drive. All of this happens automatically with no input on your part for a seamless user experience.

Antivirus That You Really Need

Panda Dome Advanced is just among the few antivirus utilities that ticks all the right boxes when it comes to protecting your computer. With dedicated support against both malware and ransomware, and with phenomenal features such as the Personal Firewall and USB Protection, you are fully safe no matter if you are online or offline. If you still on the fence as to using this phenomenal antivirus utility by Panda Security, it’s time to take the plunge and get yourself protected right away.