Secures Windows, macOS, and Android devices against malware

Best in-class ransomware protection for ultimate security

Notifies you of unsafe Wi-Fi networks

Built-in identity protection secures your personal information online

Scans and disinfects USB devices for threats

Enhanced privacy with Data Shield, Password Depot, and PC Cleanup


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Panda Dome Complete

Panda Dome Complete, although being the lower-tier version of Panda Security’s two anti-malware suites (the other one being Panda Dome Premium), provides unprecedented support for all of your privacy and security needs. The suite brings to the forefront dedicated proprietary technologies that really makes the difference when it comes to staying safe against malware and ransomware. Not just that, but you also gain access to numerous tools that help you preserve your privacy. If you are curious as to what this phenomenal antivirus suite has to offer in detail, let’s take a look and find out.

Completely eliminate online-based threats with highly customizable firewall.

Easy Access to All Tools

Panda Dome Complete features an eye-catching, yet simplistic interface. The continuously updating wallpapers of nature brings forth a sense of calm, which really puts the suite in sharp perspective from other antivirus utilities. That aside, all tools bundled into the suite are presented neatly within one unified screen, which makes accessing whatever it is that you want a breeze. Once again, this contrasts starkly with other antivirus suites, where most tools are fragmented and are hard to locate.

Antivirus and Ransomware Protection

When it comes to protecting your PC against malware, the support that Panda Dome Complete provides is quite unprecedented. To start off with, you have multiple shields running in the background at all times, which detects common attack patterns related to most forms of known malware — this ensures real time protection from spyware, rootkits, and trojans. And when it comes to zero-day threats, you have Panda’s proprietary live heuristics that uses machine learning algorithms to pinpoint unknown threats.

A potential ransomware attack is a major concern for anyone who has sensitive information, but Panda Dome Advanced puts such issues to the rest with dedicated anti-ransomware modules. They detect all forms of known ransomware attacks and fully secures your data. And with the aid of heuristics, the security suite also has a higher chance of thwarting previously unknown forms of threats.

Manual Scanning

Despite its real-time protection capabilities, Panda Dome Advanced doesn’t take away what you can manually do with the antivirus utility. Straight off the bat, you gain access to three nifty scan modes that are a blast use. Critical Areas is possibly the best of the lot, solely due to the fact that it scans system-critical areas for rapid malware detection.

But of course, there comes that time when you need to perform a full system scan, which is where the Full Scan mode comes into the picture, and when there’s a need to scan just a specific location of your computer, you have the Custom Scan mode ready and waiting. What makes these even better is the fact that you can fully automate these scan modes to recur at specific intervals (hourly, daily, weekly, etc.), hence putting even more control into your hands.

Personal Firewall

Panda Dome Complete provides unprecedented protection when it comes to staying safe from web-based attacks with it dedicated Personal Firewall feature. Fully customizable, the Personal Firewall uses smart detection algorithms to identify any and all suspicious transmissions emanating to and from your computer. And considering that most applications are almost always connected online, the presence of a dedicated firewall works wonders for the overall security of a system.

Virtual Keyboard - just one of Panda Dome Complete's many tools.

Safe Browsing

The internet is rife with all sorts of threats and fake websites out to steal your information, and that’s where Panda Dome Complete’s dedicated Safe Browsing and Identity Protection modules really makes the difference. Come across any site that masquerades itself as another, and you are immediately warned about that, which is great when it comes to staying safe while shopping and banking. Not only that, but any site that’s notorious for hosting malware will be readily blocked before it even begins loading in your browsing, which makes for a nice touch security-wise.

File Encryption

At times, you really want to protect certain types of sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. And even with an exceptionally powerful antivirus suite such as Panda Dome Complete, there’s always the chance for malicious code to slip through. Which is why you have File Encryptor, a dedicated tool that helps you encrypt any file or folder with state-of-the-art encryption protocols. Even in the event of a breach, the chances for any hacker to hijack information is pretty much nil.

Password Management

Browser-based password managers are quite lax in terms of security, and can potentially compromise everything in the event of a breach. And that’s where Panda Dome Complete provides you with Password Depot, a comprehensive and dedicated tool that secures all of your passwords in an online vault, secured with ultra-strong encryption algorithms. And multi-platform support means that you can access your passwords from any device as well.

PC Cleanup

Astoundingly, Panda Dome Complete also provides you with access to several PC cleanup tools that not only helps to a large degree at preserving your privacy, but also to boost the overall performance of your PC quite significantly. For example, you can choose to clear unwanted files to free up disk space, delete files that contain private data (browser cookies, for example), as well as disable unwanted programs that launch at computer startup.

You Definitely Need It

Panda Dome Complete is a phenomenal antivirus suite that you absolutely need to have on your PC right now. Not only does it do a great job at protecting you from all forms of malware and ransomware, but the amount of extra tools that it offers alongside, such as parental controls, file encryption, and password management, make it well worth every penny that you spend. Don’t wait a second longer and buy it right now.