Lightweight anti-malware utility with minimal performance impact

Detects all forms of malware with near-perfect accuracy

Protects you from online-based attacks with proprietary firewall functionality

Secures all Wi-Fi networks that you connect to

Disinfects USB devices automatically for absolute protection

Supports Windows, macOS, and Android


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Panda Dome Essential

Panda Dome Essential is a lightweight, yet resourceful antivirus utility. It completely protects you from dangerous forms of spyware, trojans, and rootkits. And with a perfect 100% score at the AV Comparatives Real World Protection Test, you would be hard pressed to find another antivirus application with this level of protection anywhere. Developed by a team of experts with close to 30 years of experience dealing with all kinds of malicious threats, the astounding detection rates really shouldn’t come across as a surprise. It’s high time that we checked out what’s in store with this phenomenal antivirus solution.

Panda Dome Essential up and ready to go.

Super-intuitive User Interface

Panda Dome Essential features one of the most beautiful and most intuitive of user interfaces to ever grace an antivirus utility. Rather than putting on show with impressive looking menus and a confusing array of options, this fantastic antivirus utility takes the simplistic route instead.

Fire it up, and you will see a user interface with just one indicator as to whether the system is safe and up-to-date, complete with thumbnail-shaped icons to denote the various functionalities present within the utility — scan options, Wi-Fi Protection, USB Protection, etc. But what makes it so especial are the continuously revolving scenes of nature in the background that can put almost anyone’s mind at ease.

And for those instances where you really need to ramp things up a notch, a dedicated Settings panel, accessible via the Panda menu, let’s you customize everything from your Personal Firewall to your Wi-Fi Protection settings.

Comprehensive Real-Time Protection

Panda Dome Essential offers complete real-time protection with a swathe of live modules and shields that run continuously in the background, protecting you from all the threats that are out to get you. Whether it’s a key-logger that’s out to steal your personal information, a trojan masquerading itself as a normal process, or a rootkit hidden away in the recesses of your system, Panda Dome Essential should be able to detect them in practically no time.

The antivirus utility also makes use of various live heuristics as a means to protect your PC from zero-day attacks. By monitoring for abnormal activity around the clock, these heuristics identify common attacks vectors and ensures that malicious processes are quarantined as soon as they are detected. And the perfect AV Comparatives Real World Protection Test vouches as to its true efficacy.

Three Scanning Modes

Panda Dome Essential brings to the table three separate scanning modes for those instances where you want to double-check if no computer viruses have slipped past the live shields unscathed. To start off with, you have the Critical Areas mode to quickly check system-critical areas (where malicious code usually likes to reside) for threats — it takes just a couple of minutes to complete, and usually identifies any issues most often than not.

Scanning manually or schedule your scans instead.

For instances where you want to be certain that no malicious code is hidden away anywhere within your computer, you can use the Full Scan mode instead — it crawls through every nook and cranny of your PC for threats, and is a thorough way to double-check that the entire system is clean of malware. And when it comes to checking a specific file or folder for threats, you can just use the Custom Scan mode instead.

Dedicated Personal Firewall

Online-based attacks are quite omnipresent, especially considering the amount of applications that are connected online all the time. That’s where Panda Dome Essential places a major emphasis with its built-in firewall, dubbed the Personal Firewall. It’s an excellent replacement to the default Windows Firewall, and monitors all applications for suspicious incoming or outgoing data transmissions.

While the Personal Firewall is pretty great at managing applications all by itself, you can also take matters into your own hands and actively go about blocking or allowing applications from sending or receiving transmissions. In-depth rules for individual or multiple applications can be created right from within the Panda Dome Essential Settings panel.

Wi-Fi Protection & USB Protection

Panda Dome Essential doesn’t leave anything to chance, and that’s why you have access to two dedicated modules designed to close such loopholes — Wi-Fi Protection & USB Protection.
With Wi-Fi Protection, the application actively double-checks all connected Wi-Fi networks for security-related issues, and actively warns you of any. This is great for instances when you are on the move and have to rely on public Wi-Fi hotspots for connectivity.

USB Protection, on the other hand, works wonders when it comes to staying safe from USB-based threats. You can finally connect that flash drive or external drive without worries, since the USB Protection module attively scans and disinfects drives with no involvement on your part whatsoever.

Protection That You Need

Panda Dome Essential skips all the bloat that’s otherwise associated with anti-malware applications and just gets straight to the point — unprecedented protection. It’s blazing fast nature, perfect detection rates, and dedicated protection against online-based attacks make it one of the best antivirus solutions in business. And if you are concerned, Panda Dome Essential also supports macOS and Android in addition to Windows, which means total protection everywhere. It’s time to go out and buy this awesome antimalware solution already.