Outstanding protection against all forms of malware and ransomware

Dedicated firewall safeguards against direct online attacks

Parental management tools lets you limit internet and app usage

Secure shopping and banking experience with identity protection

Data Shield, Password Depot, and PC Cleanup for enhanced privacy

Full access to Panda Dome VPN Premium


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Panda Dome Premium

The development team behind Panda Dome Premium has really gone to significant lengths to ensure that their flagship suite really comes packed to the brim with all the tools needed not just to stay safe from malicious attacks, but also to protect privacy. Whether you are looking to stop yourself from being targeted by a ransomware attack, or simply want to avoid getting phished while surfing online, then Panda Dome Premium helps you do that without breaking a sweat. Let’s take a look at what this phenomenal antivirus suite has to offer in more detail.

All the Panda tools that you will ever need.

One-Stop User Interface

Most other antivirus suites install the features that come bundled within separately, which makes managing, or even finding them, an arduous task. However, Panda Dome Premium breaks from the mold and instead features a one-stop user interface that really shines when it comes to accessibility. All features present are neatly listed in grid format, which makes finding whatever feature that you want a breeze. But what makes the entire user interface rather unique are the continuously updating wallpapers of nature that really puts anyone’s mind at ease.

Malware Protection

Panda Dome Premium brings to the forte some of the best and most cutting-edge of technologies built by a development team with years of experience in the anti-malware industry. Live shields deployed at all times monitor the various activities of your computer in real time, and stops malicious code in their tracks. And with the help of heuristics, any zero-day threats are also effectively negated by this phenomenal anti-malware suite. Manual scanning modes are also present, which you can use to easily detect any forms of malware residing within your hard drive.

Ransomware Protection

Panda Dome Premium also provides unprecedented support when it comes to staying safe from dangerous forms of ransomware. It makes use of dedicated shields designed solely to detect attack patterns used by ransomware, and stops any such attacks in their tracks. And considering that Panda Dome Premium sports some of the highest detection rates in the business, you can be rest assured that you are in good hands. The anti-ransomware technology used by the suite also features the ability to detect previously unknown forms of ransomware, which is awesome news for anyone who don’t want to decrease his or her chances of ever encountering such an attack.

Personal Firewall

Almost all applications are constantly connected to the internet, and that increases the odds of a malware infection rather significant since malicious applications can freely upload sensitive information or download even more malware. With Panda Dome Premium, however, all connections are fully secured with the use of a proprietary firewall. All incoming and outgoing transmissions are monitored at all times for any kinds of suspicious activities, while applications engaged in such activities are quarantined and notified of immediately. If required, you can also take it upon yourself to configure the networking permissions of apps.

Free access to unlimited VPN support is a huge bonus.

Identity Protection

Whenever you surf online, you put yourself at significant risk, especially due to all the fake websites that are out to trick you into divulging personal information. When you have Panda Dome Premium installed, however, you really don’t have to worry about all of that any longer. Rather than having you rely on the poor anti-phishing capabilities of a web browser, the antivirus suite takes it upon itself to warn you of any sites engaged in suspicious behavior. And to make matters even better, websites that carry malware are blocked outright, which adds to your overall safety when surfing the internet.

Complementary Apps

Panda Dome Premium spices the suite with a number of complementary apps that really helps you improve the overall security and privacy of your PC. For example, you gain access to File Encryptor, a phenomenal tool that lets you encrypt anything from files and folders to entire applications — this helps to a large degree in preventing information theft in the event of a security breach. And then you’ve got File Shredder, which deletes any file or folder securely with multiple zero-byte overwrites — pretty useful when it comes removing confidential data. And then there’s Password Depot, a password manager that you absolutely must use that securely stores all passwords and encrypts them using state-of-the-art encryption.

Unlimited VPN

If everything that you get wasn’t already enough, then this is surely going to put a smile on anyone’s face — unlimited VPN support. Yes, you read that right. All Panda Dome Premium subscriptions are automatically entitled full access to Panda’s in-house VPN solution, which is one of the best and most intuitive of VPNs that you can get your hands on. Access geo-restricted content, preserve your privacy, and improve network security with this phenomenal VPN solution — of course, provided absolutely free of charge.

Best Value for Money

A Panda Dome Premium subscription offers some of the best value for money that you can ever get out of an antimalware suite. It protects you against all forms of malware, blocks ransomware, protects you against online-based attacks, and does a whole lot more. And free access to Panda’s premium VPN solution further bolsters the overall security and privacy of the anti-malware suite to dizzying heights. Go buy Panda Dome Premium today and enjoy all the benefits that this phenomenal antimalware suite brings to the table right away.