Access the entire internet unrestricted

Preserve your privacy online by masking your true identity

Comprehensive encryption safeguards personal information

Dozens of servers around the globe to connect to

Blazing fast VPN performance with minimal lag

Supports multiple platforms (Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS)


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Panda Dome VPN Premium

Developed by none other than the team behind the phenomenal Panda range of antivirus products, Panda Dome VPN Premium is a comprehensive VPN solution that ticks all the right boxes. Looking to access geo-restricted content? Finding ways to preserve your privacy while surfing online? Or are concerned about network security in general? Then Panda Dome VPN Premium is the obvious best fit. If you want to know more about how Panda Dome VPN Premium works, as well as the various functionalities that it brings to the table, then do read on.

Numerous VPN servers and locations to connect to.

How It Works

Panda Dome VPN Premium is quite possibly the easiest VPN solution that you can ever use. Forget wading through complex menus and network configurations trying to establish a connection. Instead, you are provided with access to a dedicated applet where you can easily choose the server that you want to connect to, and then, well, click Connect. And you are good to go, just like that. Alternatively, you can skip selecting a server and just click Connect — and Panda Dome VPN Premium will automatically decide the best server that you can connect to in terms of latency.

There are also a number of settings that you can use to modify how the VPN solution works. For example, you can select the default country that you want to connect to each time, after which Panda Dome VPN Premium will pair you to a server within the location automatically. Further, you can also instruct the VPN to kick in automatically after a computer restart, which is great when it comes to staying connected at all times.

Access Geo-restricted Content

One of reasons that VPNs are so popular is that you can access censored or geo-restricted content no matter your location. And Panda Dome VPN Premium excels in that department. Whether you are looking to stream a football match or looking to take advantage of a subscription deal in another region, it’s as simply as connecting to a server within the country or location and going about your business as usual. And considering that Panda Dome VPN Premium has servers in almost every major country (United States, UK, Singapore, Australia, etc.), consider the entire internet your playground.

Hide Your True Identity

Another reason why you need to use a VPN arises due to privacy concerns, and rightfully so. The internet is basically rife with advertising networks looking for ways to profile you, and they use tracking cookies along with your IP address to follow you around websites. And once again, Panda Dome VPN Premium plays a huge role in preventing that from happening. Whenever you connect to a VPN server, your IP address is already masked with an alternate address (which is the IP address of the server). And considering that you are assigned a different IP address whenever you reconnect, online trackers will have less of a chance at getting a bead on you.

Connected and ready to go with no data limits.

Improve Network Security

Panda Dome VPN Premium effectively puts any and all concerns related to network security at rest. It uses the latest and most secure of VPN tunneling protocols to encrypt your data whenever you connect to a Panda VPN server. If you are worried about hackers and snoopers spying on your browsing activity, then you won’t have to anymore. This is especially true when it comes to public Wi-Fi hotspots, where almost all connections are left unsecured, thus opening them up to significant security risks. By using Panda Dome VPN Premium, however, you can rectify these loopholes.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Lots of VPN solutions are notorious for imposing limits on bandwidth, and it’s something that Panda Dome VPN Premium really puts to shame with no practically no limits on that department whatsoever. You can surf all you want and stream as many videos as you like without ever worrying about any restrictions. Of course, you will still be limited by the actual amount of bandwidth that you have subscribed to from your ISP, but still, the fact that not having any restrictions on your VPN connection is something that feels quite liberating.

Supports Multiple Devices and Platforms

When it comes to Panda Dome VPN Premium, you aren’t restricted from running the VPN solution on just Windows-based desktops. In fact, you can run it on macOS, Android, and iOS as well, which means that you will never have to worry about compatibility issues no matter what device that you use. And connecting to a VPN server is just as easy on all platforms as it is on Windows, which is just great. And it gets even better — you can also use Panda Dome VPN Premium on up to five devices at any one time, which is nothing short of phenomenal.

Tremendous Value for Money

Considering how easy it is to use Panda Dome VPN Premium, as well as the numerous benefits that follow alongside it such as enhanced privacy, access to restricted content, and increased network security, you can finally be confident that you found the perfect VPN solution. And not just that — unlimited bandwidth, multi-platform support, and the ability to connect to up to five devices at any one time only serves to sweeten the deal. It’s time to take the plunge and open the doorway to the entire internet with Panda Dome VPN Premium.