Top 5 Panda Dome Premium Tools That You Need to Use

There are anti-malware suites, and then there’s Panda Dome Premium, which puts most of the competition to shame in terms of the sheer amount of tools and functionalities that it provides you with. Of course — quantity doesn’t always translate to quality, but Panda’s flagship suite is an exception. The phenomenal anti-malware and anti-ransomware capabilities aside, let’s take a look at five features in Panda Dome Premium that you absolutely must use. And in no particular order, here they are.

1. File Encryptor

The File Encryptor is an exciting feature that almost anyone can find a use for. And despite its name, its also super-easy to use. Say that you have a file or folder that you don’t want anyone else to access no matter what. Perhaps they are confidential business documents. Or maybe they are a batch of passwords that you want to store offline. It really makes no difference.

After turning on File Encryptor via the Panda Dome Premium user interface (you only have to do this once), just right-click the file or folder and choose the option to encrypt the contents within. Simply secure it with a password, and you are done. Not only are the contents secured with a password, but they are also further protected using industry-grade encryption standards.

An alternate scenario where File Encryptor can serve you well is protecting sensitive data from malicious attacks. Image that your PC got infected. Since your most valuable files and folders are already encrypted, there’s just no way for a spyware program or a hacker to access whatever’s stored inside.

2. Virtual Keyboard

Despite having a top-notch antivirus suite such as Panda Dome Premium installed, there’s almost always the chance for malware to slip through. And a rather tricky (and also extremely dangerous) form of malware is the keylogger, which stays hidden, doesn’t unveil itself, and does the simple act of logging your keystrokes. Which is obviously not a great thing to happen when that involves passwords or credit card numbers.

For those circumstances, Panda Dome Premium provides you with access to the Virtual Keyboard, a phenomenal piece of software that acts as a secure way to input sensitive information to login portals. While you do need to click each key using your mouse, it scrambles all inputs to prevent keyloggers from detecting exactly what keys are being used.

3. PC Cleanup

Windows-based devices are notorious for their degrading performance over time. This is caused by the outdated operating system framework that Microsoft has adamantly stuck to over the years. Duplicate files, unwanted startup programs, and fragmented hard drive files all serve to clog up the system to a crawl. And the built-in system cleanup tools doesn’t do a good job at optimizing your PC either.

If that’s the case, you definitely need to make use of PC Cleanup. It’s a dedicated optimization utility that can instantly detect and remove all sorts of junk and duplicate files from your hard drive. Not just that, but it can also help you disable resource-heavy programs from loading at startup. And the built-in disk defragmenter works a treat when it comes to putting back all those fragmented files together.

4. Rescue Kit

The Rescue Kit is a tool that you absolutely must make the maximum use out of. It lets you create a bootable USB flash drive that can help you disinfect almost any PC under a major malware attack. By using the Panda Cloud Cleaner, which relies on a set of up-to-date cloud-based anti-malware definitions, the flash drive boots into a secure environment and starts removing all traces of malware immediately.

Additionally, the Rescue Kit also lets you check for malware that it dubs as ‘advanced viruses.’ These are specifically engineered malware strains that can hide deep within the system and go unnoticed by all anti-malware shields. By putting the system into an isolated state, the Rescue Kit then goes about detecting if there are any such viruses within the system.

5. Premium VPN

One of the most exciting features present in Panda Dome Premium is the inclusion of unrestricted access to Panda’s in-house premium VPN solution. One of the best in the industry, the VPN solution features dozens of servers around the world that you can easily connect to. Which means that you can access all forms of region specific content no matter where you live.

Further, the VPN solution also helps you out with the various privacy-related aspects of web browsing. For example, connecting to a server immediately masks your IP address, which is great when it comes to thwarting web trackers. And then there are the various encryption protocols used when connecting to a server, which helps boost the security of all data transmissions.

Go Use Them

Panda Dome Premium is just brimming with features, and the five features listed above is just scratching the surface with what you actually get. Features such as Application Control, Safe Browsing, and Anti-Theft are some of the other exciting functionalities that you absolutely must make use of. If you just purchased your Panda Dome Premium, it’s time to check these features out in action. If you are still waiting to take the plunge, just buy it right away and jump into the foray.